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Ron McCracken ron.mccr at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 15 12:30:27 EDT 2015

As REACT Month nears, how closely does your Team work with local churches? Improving on that might be a very worthwhile project to tackle as part of this year's REACT Month celebrations.

http://disastersandfaith.com/ is a resource that may prove quite helpful to your Team. Note especially the U. of S. Cal. publication listed that highlights tips on working with churches. You will find others mentioned on the website too. 

Security grants for non-profits may apply to some REACT Teams. Did your Team know they exist? Check out the possibilities. There seem to be a number of useful items listed that could benefit various Teams depending on local circumstances.

Mormon churches are particularly keen about disaster preparedness. If you have one nearby, it would be worthwhile to make contact with folk there. Other local churches may have disaster plans worth knowing about too. Check around. If your Team already does work closely with its churches, please assign someone to write an article for 'The REACTer' so we can learn from you.

Or, appoint a committee to investigate how your Team can work more closely with local churches as part of REACT Month. Let the Lists and/or 'The REACTer' know how it goes. Best wishes. 

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