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Sat Apr 4 14:54:07 EDT 2015

REACT Month Upon Us

Has your Team planned its safety displays, speaking engagements and other special events for REACT Month? Are the Team news releases out to all the media in your area? 

You still have some breathing room, but time is short. Memorial Day is the first long weekend of the summer season so you can plan a great wind-up to your safety initiatives for then. Perhaps invite the public to a Team meeting, too. You may need to use a different location than usual, so again your planning needs to be in high gear fast. A speaker from one of your partner groups will demonstrate to the public how you work together for their safety. You can use REACT Month to achieve a number of goals.

Take lots of photos for use later. Upload some to the 'REACT Members' Facebook page for others to enjoy and learn from. Your Team may well score on some new members too. Have a great time. 

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