[REACT-LIST] REACT Net Check-Ins for 12/20/2014

Jay WA4JAY REACT Unit-1 react-unit-14 at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 21 18:28:44 EST 2014

Check-Ins for The World Wide REACT Net on 12/20/2014.
KJ6QAJ John Pres. REACT Intl LA County REACT Glendale, Ca9Z4RG Robby Reg-9 Dr  Trinidad and Tobago REACTKG4JJM Robert  Cleveland County REACT R-14 Cherryville, NCKB9WWZ Joel  Apollo Vll REACT  Dearfield, ILKD4YSH Joe  Star Mountain REACT Asst Reg-3 Dr Etowah, TnKD4STT Tom  Star Mountain REACT Etowah, TnKD4WXD Keim  Star Mountain REACT Chattanooga, TnW4YAB Everett  CCARS  Shelby, NCVE6VGS Rob  Benalto, AB CanadaWA4BPW Sam  Cleveland County REACT R-5 Fire Dept/Red Cross Boiling Springs, NC
9Z4FR Roham  Trinidad and Tobago REACTKF6RFQ John  Blackberry REACT  C-057 Menlo Park, Ca9Z4AF Khaz Trinidad and Tobago REACTKC9YZR Bernard  ARES+RACES  Medford, Wi
Like to See 50 REACT Members Checking-In One Saturday Night.
Jay FloraCleveland County REACT
Shelby, NC

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